Released Pheasant Hunts
only 25 minutes from Calgary.
(50 km north on Hwy2)

Year round – with no limits!

Wessex Game Birds has been offering released pheasant hunts for Alberta sportsmen since 1985. With nearly 320 acres of excellent cover and habitat - bird dogs and hunters alike can enjoy quality pheasant hunting only 25 minutes from Calgary, year round – and with no limits!

You can bring your own dogs or use ours with experienced guides and dog handlers. With the distance required from Calgary to reach quality pheasant habitat for wild birds, the money you save in fuel costs alone can set up an incredible hunt! So grab your buddies, load up your dogs, and bring lots of shells!



While most people think of pheasant hunting involving traditional ringneck pheasants, Wessex offers some unique colour variations of pheasants which mix up the action and add a special element to each hunt. If your group releases 20 roosters and you know that there are 3 or 4 “dark ones” in the bunch, it’s exciting to see a pheasant flush and try to decide if it’s one of the unique trophies. While our traditional looking pheasants make excellent wall mounts, the unique colour variations which are available provide an opportunity for some spectacular mounts.



Wessex offers a combination of blueback ringneck pheasants and greenback ringneck pheasants for our hunters. The greenbacks are very similar to our wild birds. The bluebacks are slightly smaller and tend to flush explosively -jumping skyward and then leveling off, while the greenbacks tend to rise slower. The blonde birds (shown below) are similar to the greenbacks in flight. Melanistic pheasants (or crosses) fly similar to the blonde birds and greenbacks, and come in beautiful dark colorations. Hen melanistic pheasants are a rich, nearly chocolate brown color and make striking mounts next to the dark roosters.

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